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Communication & impact - a high priority for Nanother partners

Communication and results dissemination are essential for the successful accomplishment of NANOTHER objectives, and these activities aim at generating an efficient information flow both within the consortium and also towards scientific communities. Nanother partners aim to fully exploit the results obtained, to communicate on contributions made to European knowledge and scientific excellence, as well as the value of the collaboration on a Europe-wide scale, and the benefits to EU citizens in general.

The diagnostic & drug-delivery system developed in NANOTHER will have a positive impact on the diagnosis & treatment of widespread diseases such as cancer, and therefore on the quality of life of EU citizens in the medium term. Currently, diagnosis is often late and once a tumour has been discovered, available treatments at present are imperfect and the probability of cure is not high. Current treatments are highly toxic to normal tissue and cause substantial loss of quality of life.  NANOTHER will focus on diagnosis at cellular level which will mean earlier diagnosis and reduced diagnostic time so the treatment can be applied more rapidly and with reduced side effects. Another major break through will be the application of combined diagnosis & therapeutic technology via innovative theranostic development combining magnetic nanocarriers and electromagnetic field.