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FeyeCon D&I B.V. specializes in developing new, improved and more cost effective products and processes using our carbon dioxide based technology platform. 

We offer a range of services including contract research, small scale production and high pressure equipment design and development.

Creativity and flexibility are our core values.

Role/activity of organisation in the project

Feyecon uses CO2 as a solvent, antisolvent or diluent for the manufacturing of Drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles.



Key people involved in the project


Wim Minnaard

+31 (0)294 457733

Dr Maaike Van Roosmalen

After completing her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2003 Dr. Van Roosmalen joined the FeyeCon team. In addition to her current corporate and pharmaceutical managing roles, she further acts as FeyeCon’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control manager.
Dr. Van Roosmalen specializes in dry cleaning with high pressure CO2, water-free textile dyeing and other green chemistry processes. She is responsible for over 10 publications, multiple patents and extensive project management in the field of carbon dioxide technology.


Dr Gerard Hofland

Dr. Hofland holds a PhD in Chemical Technology, after completion of which he joined FeyeCon in 2001. He specializes in a range of CO2 processes, including particle formation, encapsulation and protein stabilization. He currently manages FeyeCon’s development of food applications of CO2 technology. Dr. Hofland’s research has led to 6 patents and he has authored or co-authored 20 publications.


Dr Hayley Every

Has a BSc with Honours in Materials Science and a PhD in Materials Engineering, both from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In 2001, she moved to the USA to work as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of polymer electrolyte fuel cells at Los Alamos National laboratory and Case Western Reserve University. Her work in this area led to a research position in the development and analysis of new polymer membrane materials at Delft University of Technology and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. In 2009, she joined Feyecon and is currently working on the development and implementation of CO2 microencapsulation of active compounds.


Drs Wim Minnaard

Graduated in 1991 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a degree in Analytical Chemistry. Following his studies he spent two years doing research in speeding up analytical HPLC separations using a single short column for both concentration and separations of aqueous samples using UV and tandem mass spectrometric detection.
At Xenobiosis he was working as a study director involved in bio-analytical studies for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2002 he joined Rephartox where he developed to PEGylated versions of two pharmaceutically active proteins, which are currently registered and approved in several countries.
Since 2008 he is working at Feyecon where he is involved in development of CO2 based preformulation processes for various pharmaceuticals.




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