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Université Bordeaux 2 - RMSB

RMSB (magnetic resonance center of biological systems) is a laboratory involved in in vivo NMR aiming at comprehensive descriptions of biological processes in intact animals. New methods of investigations (MRI and MR spectroscopy) can be used in diagnostic or therapeutic strategies.

Role/activity of organisation in the project

Partner 15 is involved in SP3 (targeting and diagnosis) and more particularly in developing animal models and MRI techniques to assess breast cancer cell invasion in mouse bone, tumor detection and targeting of such tumors by bio-functionalized Nanoparticles designed by the consortium.


Key people involved in the project

Dr Thiaudiere Eric : senior researcher in Biophysics, expert in NMR methodology, responsible for Partner 15.
Dr Miraux Sylvain : tenure researcher, expert in MRI development (fast imaging, high-resolution imaging, contrast-enhanced MRI)
Dr Pourtau Line : Engineer, expert in cell biology (cell culture, cell characterization) and in animal models (bone surgery, tumor implantation in mice)
Bled Emilie (Msc) : development of whole-body real-time MRI, contrast agent detection and distribution, targeting.
Franconi Jean-Michel : head of the department

from left to right, S. Miraux, E. Bled, E. Thiaudiere, L. Pourtau


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