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"AHAVA" - AHAVA-Dead Sea Laboratories is an industrial SME focused on skin care. AHAVA is the leading Israeli and international developer, manufacturer and marketer of health and beauty products, based on Dead Sea mud and Dead Sea water.  The main cosmetic line, named “AHAVA” is sold world-wide since 1988.  The company is has its own laboratory for cell and organ culture. AHAVA is the coordinator of SkinTreat (FP-7), partner in nanoReTox (FP-7) founded and coordinated CELLAGE – A European research consortium, focused-on skin cellular Ageing (FP-5).


Role/activity of organisation in the project

AHAVA is partner in SP2: Toxicity and biocompatibility - in nanoTHER.  AHAVA is responsible for screening NP, manufactured by SP1, by monitoring potential inflammation risks using in-vitro models. Among the laboratory models used for in-vitro NP screening is a model AHAVA developed for studying inflammatory processes using UV- irradiated human skin organ cultures.  





Miriam Oron Mingelgrin, R&D Manager of Clineral

Dead Sea
cell culture lab
Dror Cohen
Miriam Zeevi

Key people involved in the project

Ze’evi Ma’or , R&D Vice President – responsible for R&D unit : In the company since 1989 PhD. in Biochemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.   Coordinator of SkinTreat (FP-7) and former coordinator of CELLAGE (FP-5). Research interests: Human skin normal and pathologies, Skin aging and photo-aging, Biological effects of minerals (especially Dead sea mud and salts) and Nano-Technologies.
Miriam Oron Mingelgrin, R&D Manager of Clineral – responsible for the para-medical products development, supervision of clinical studies and other para-medical research projects. In the company since 2006.  Miriam has a PhD Degree in Chemistry and post-doc on skin photodamage from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Dror Cohen - Research Associate , in the company since 2008.  MSc. in Chemistry with a thesis in Biochemistry  - responsible for AHAVA cell and organ culture laboratory. 

Recent publications / patents

1. Soroka Y. et al., Aged keratinocyte phenotyping: Morphology, biochemical markers and effects of Dead Sea minerals, Experimental Gerontology 43 (2008) 947–957.
2. Portugal-Cohen M. et. Al. Protective effects of a cream containing Dead Sea minerals against UVB-induced stress in human skin, Experimental Dermatology (2008) re-submitted for publication
3. Soroka Y. et al, A model for safety testing of nano-particles using a skin organ culture (2010) in preparation.
4. Zioni, T.; Perkas, N.; Wolfus, Y.; Soroka, Y.; Popov, I.; Oron, M.; Perelshtein, I.; Bruckental, Y.; Brégégère, F. M.; Ma'or, Z.; Gedanken, A.; Yeshurun, Y.; Neuman, R.; Milner, Y. Strontium hexaferrite nanomagnets suspended in a cosmetic preparation: a convenient tool to evaluate the biological effects of surface magnetism on human skin Skin Research and Technology, Volume 16, Number 3, August 2010 , pp. 316-324(9)



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