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Argus Chemicals srl

Argus Chemicals srl is a Rare & Fine Chemicals Company in Vernio (North of Florence), Italy . The company started in 1985 by Dr. Enrico Ammannati in order to produce chemicals for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The skills of our qualified staff are the following: complex multistep-syntheses, optimisation procedures and scale-up syntheses (grams to kilos or tons).



Role/activity of organisation in the project

Argus  is involved in the development of the scale-up of selected synthetic polymers, organic nanosystems, according to the lab-scale optimised protocols.



Key people involved in the project

Dr. E. Ammannati
Graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Florence, Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry. Technical Director, is the founder of the company
Dr. F. Guarna
Graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Florence in the 2002. After some years of specialization in Medicinal Chemistry at University he started working in Argus. Now He is R&D manager and he is the person in charge of the scientific EUproject
Dr. G. Fusini
Graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pisa in the 2009. Employed in the R&D department of Argus.
Miss S.Tempestini
Diploma in Industrial Chemistry. She is working in Argus since 2001 in the quality control department From the 2004 She is the CQ manager.