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Hameln rds a.s.

hameln rds a.s. is a company dealing with drug development  and provides all services which are necessary to bring a pharmaceutical product from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology industries into the market. The present employees carry out chemical, biotechnology and analytical research, stability studies, pharmacological and toxicological studies as well as clinical trials and registration services at the request of their customers who are predominantly European. 

Role/activity of organisation in the project

hameln rds together with Pharmamar are responsible for evaluation in vivo toxicity of different nanoparticles and drug loaded nanoparticles after single and repeated administration in mice – MTD, MTMD values and for followed toxicological evaluation of selected formulation  for testing of safety.
Second area is investigation of the biodistribution of the drug loaded NPs using techniques such as radio-labeling, fluorescent labeling and analysis in animals. 

Key people involved in the project

Marta Múčková, received  her Diploma in technical biochemistry and microbiology, and PhD in biology, participation and scientific responsibility in several governmental and industrial projects for drug research and development, she has coauthored many articles in international journal papers.
Ľudmila Schmidtová, Pharmacokinetic received her Diploma from Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in Bratislava in biochemistry. Experience and background – pharmacology and pharmacokinetic, biochemistry. Coauthors of patents and articles in international journal papers.
Božena Pätoprstá, responsible for single dose toxicity Graduated in Technical University in  Bratislava. Experience and background – toxicology, alternative method in toxicology
Jan Kochan, received his Diploma “Veterinary doctor” on Veterinary faculty in Bucharest, Romania, main responsibility – animal models.
Irina Sadloňová, veterinary doctor graduated on Veterinary Faculty Brno, Czech Republic, main responsibility in project as histopathologist. Author of many presentations in conferences.
All are authors of many Final reports as a part of preclinical documentation, but also presentation in conferences