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A simple method to achieve high doxorubicin loading in biodegradable polymersome Charles Sanson, Christophe Schatz, Jean-François Le Meins, Alain Soum, Julie Thévenot, Elisabeth Garanger, Sébastien LecommandouxJournal of Controlled Release2011
Doxorubicin Loaded Magnetic Polymersomes: Multifunctional Nanocarriers for Diagnosis by MRI and Magneto-chemotherapyCharles Sanson, Odile Diou,Emmanuel Ibarboure,Alain Soum,Annie Brûlet, Sylvain Miraux, Eric Thiaudière, Vincent Dupuis, Olivier Sandre and Sébastien LecommandouxaACS  Nano  2011
A Spartan 3E based low-cost system for gamma-ray detection in small SPECT or PET systemsE Fysikopoulos, M Georgiou, N Efthimiou, S David, G Loudos and G MatsopoulosMeasurement Science and Technology2011
Tomographic evaluation of a dual head PETN Efthimiou, S Maistros, X Tripolitis, A Samartzis, G Loudos and G PanayiotakisMeasurement Science and Technology2011http://iopscience.iop.
Initial Results on SiPM Performance for use in Medical ImagingN Efthimiou, M Georgiou, G Argyropoulos, E Fysikopoulos, S David, G Loudos and G PanayiotakisMeasurement Science and Technology2011
Real-time 3D MRI of contrast agents in whole living miceBled E, Hassen WB, Pourtau L, Mellet P, Lanz T, Schüler D, Voisin P, Franconi JM, Thiaudière E, Miraux S.Contrast Media Mol Imaging2011
Optical and Dielectric Characterisations of Magnetic Nanoparticles
in Suspension
K.T. Lai, S. Semenov, F. Chiellini, A.M. Piras, C. Ravagli,and G. Baldi41st European Microwave Conference (EuMC) 2011
Magnetic Nanoparticles in biomedicine Recent advancesA. Lascialfari, C. SangregorioChim. Oggi-Chem. Today2011
Looking for quantum effects in magnetic nanoparticles using the molecular nanomagnet approachM. Fittipaldi, C. Innocenti, P. Ceci, C. Sangregorio, L. Castelli, L. Sorace, D. Gatteschi Phys. Rev. B2011DOI:0.1103/PhysRevB.
Water-Dispersible Sugar-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. An Evaluation of their Relaxometric and Magnetic Hyperthermia PropertiesL. Lartigue, C. Innocenti, T. Kalaivani, A. Awwad, M. del Mar Sanchez, Y. Guari, J. Larionova, C. Guérin, J. L. G. Montero, V. Barragan-Montero, . Arosio, A. Lascialfari, D. Gatteschi, C. SangregorioJournal of the American Chemical Society 2011DOI: 10.1021/
Bio-functionalization of anisotropic nanocrystalline semiconductor-magnetic heterostructuresN. Depalo, P. Carrieri,  R. Comparelli,  M. Striccoli, A. Agostiano, L. Bertinetti,  C. Innocenti, C. Sangregorio, M. L. Curri2011DOI:10.1021/
A simple method to achieve high doxorubicin loading in biodegradable polymersomeC. Sanson, C. Schatz, J.-F. Le Meins, A. Soum, J. Thévenot, E. Garanger, S. LecommandouxJ Control Release 2010
Bovine Serum Albumin-Based Magnetic Nanocarrier for MRI Diagnosis and Hyperthermic Therapy: A Potential Theranostic Approach Against CancerComes Franchini M., Baldi G., Bonacchi D., Gentili D., Giudetti G., Lascialfari A, Corti M., Marmorato P., Ponti J., Micotti E., Guerrini U., Sironi L., Gelosa P., Ravagli C., Ricci ASmall2010
Temperature Responsive Poly(trimethylene carbonate)-block-Poly(L-glutamic acid) copolymer: Polymersomes Fusion and FissionC. Sanson, J.-F. Le  Meins, C. Schatz, A. Soum, S. LecommandouxSoft Matter 2010
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Docetaxel Loaded Biodegradable PolymersomesK. K. Upadhyay,  A. N. Bhatt, E. Castro, A. K. Mishra, K. Chuttani, B. S. Dwarakanath, C. Schatz, J.-F. Le Meins, A. Misra, S. LecommandouxMacromolecular Bioscience2010
The intracellular drug delivery and anti tumor activity of doxorubicin loaded poly(-benzyl L-glutamate)-b-hyaluronan polymersomesK.K Upadhyaya, A. N Bhatt, A.K Mishra, B. S. Dwarakanath, S. Jain, C. Schatz, J.-F. Le Meins, A. Farooque, G. Chandraiah, A. K Jain , A. Misrac, S. LecommandouxBiomaterials 2010
Biomimetic Doxorubicin Loaded Polymersomes from Hyaluronan-block-Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate) CopolymersK. Kumar Upadhyay, J.-F. Le Meins, A. Misra, P. Voisin, V. Bouchaud, E. Ibarboure, C. Schatz and S. LecommandouxBiomacromolecules 2009
Role of Block Copolymer Nanoconstructs in Cancer TherapyK. K. Upadhyay, H. G. Agrawal, C. Upadhyay, C. Schatz, J.F. Le Meins, A. Misra, S. LecommandouxCritical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems 2009
Self-assembly of polypeptide-based block copolymer amphiphilesA. Carlsen, S. LecommandouxCurrent Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 2009
Polysaccharide-block-polypeptide copolymer vesicles: towards synthetic viral capsidsC. Schatz, S. Louguet, J.-F. Le Meins, S. LecommandouxAngew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2009
Societal & Ethical Issues in nanotechnology. Emerging methods and tools for environmental risk assessment, decision-making, and policy for nanomaterials: summary of NATO Advanced Research WorkshopIgor Linkov, Jeffery Steevens, Gitanjali Adlakha-Hutcheon, Erin Bennett, Mark Chappell, Vicki Colvin, J. Michael Davis, Thomas Davis, Alison Elder, Steffen Foss Hansen, Pertti Bert Hakkinen, Saber M. Hussain, Delara Karkan, Rafi Korenstein, Iseult Lynch, Chris Metcalfe, Abou Bakr Ramadan, F. Kyle SatterstromNanoparticle Research2008

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